Over the last few weeks since returning from the christmas holidays the children at one of the local comps have been subjected to huge disruption in the education.

The NTU member teachers at the Rawmarsh comp in Rotherham, have choice to take strike action every week the first was the day after they returned to school from the christmas brack followed by a 2 day action and this week Tuesday,Wednesday and thursday 25th,26 and 27th january again.

The action has taken as a result of the braking news that the school will have to lose some 25 of teaching and leader staff. now some of these are due to retire anyway and some have already been offered jobs in other schools, so now they say the action is not as a result of the losses but the fact that class size is going to grow to 33 students per class and the loss of some 295 students this year that have chosen to attend different school.

Now myself along with parents agree that this is not good and we all like most  feel for them, but this action is having a massive effect on our children’s education. we are told everyday that your child needs to be in school but not when teachers feel they can take strike action what would happen if the kids all thought i know what why don’t we all go on strike over the loss of our learning time. i will tell what would happen there would up roar and threats from the local government of action being taken for them not being there.

This school has over the years been allowed to run in debt to the tune of something like £750,000 and they  have been told they stay £500,000 in debt for the next 5 years. if i owe them one days dinner money they are texting and sending letters home saying pay up or we will stop your child having dinner ITS ALL WRONG  and should never be allowed.

Teachers spend something like 5 years in uni training and then need 10 days a year ad hoc to do more training. whats that all about i ask.

i say kids have too many days off already with out the need for strike action on top of that.

my proposal to the government would be this reduce the summer time holidays from 6 weeks to 3 weeks for the teachers and 4 weeks for the students making staff train in that extra week . make all schools start at 8am and finish at 5pm reduce the other holidays to easter 1 week christmas 2 weeks and only 1 half term a year and that staff use that half term for training as well

teachers have too many days off for training and holidays all payed for by us the tax payer then they want more money each year to have that privilege and who else in the uk has many days off i know in my job i get 2 weeks that it so should teachers get any longer.

well your thoughts are welcome as always…………….



About bigian

not an intresting person but i am into ham radio passing my amature radio licence in july 2009 call m6der. i am also a freelance photogapher mainly working with nature and animals.
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